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Multi-modal learning

Multimodal learning is one of the most effective learning processes available, since each type of learning is used (to varying degrees), thus achieving better knowledge acquisition.

As multimodal learning is one of the best methods available, it can be very effective in some cases, but not in others. After all, each person is a world and each one develops a different learning process, adopting the one in which he or she feels most comfortable.

What is Multimodal Learning? Definition

Multimodal learning is a learning style that occurs when using all four major types of learning (visual, auditory, kinesthetic and literacy).

In this way, they are much more dynamic when it comes to learning compared to others who use only one type of learning.

This occurs when study mechanisms are combined so that the learning process is different and adapted to the subject.

group of people learning in a group

People who use this multimodal learning form visual images making the learning much more flexible. This is because they have no defined preference when it comes to learning.

For this reason, a fifth learning process (the multimodal one) was added, since different studies concluded that approximately more than 50% of people tend to combine several study mechanisms .

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However, the most common is to use one or two styles at most.

Multimodal learning is ultimately made up of a mixture of the following learning styles:

Visual Learning

As its title says, visual learning is nothing more than a ''visual'' style. It's about the possibility of acquiring knowledge through images, either of:

  • Videos.
  • Graphics.
  • Pictures.
  • Maps.
  • Pictures.

So for these people a picture makes the subject matter that needs to be learned much more understandable. In other words, some people have a greater speed of learning through images, making this assimilate and learn faster.

Auditory Learning

There are also people who learn better while they listen. Auditory learning is characterised by the fact that all information received through sound is much more comprehensible.

Multimodal learning involves both visual and auditory

This learning process is also involved in multimodal learning, and is usually given through songs, listening to lectures, talks, classes or podcasts.

Also, people who use this process usually have a good memory for remembering sounds, lyrics, or some movie phrases.

In addition, people in whom this type of learning is predominant have an easier time learning languages as it makes it easier for the speakers to understand and for pronunciation.

Learning to Read and Write

Learning to read and write is the most conventional process, as a large percentage of people use this method. It is one of the easiest methods to learn since no audible or visual graphic file is needed.

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You will simply need notes and books to be able to learn well and record a lot of information by reading. Being the memory capacity much more effective.

Kinesthetic Learning

Finally, kinesthetic learning also falls under multimodal learning, although it is the least common of the others mentioned. This learning consists of interaction or experimentation with things.

For example, learning to ride a bicycle does not require any manual, it is only done by experimenting and trying. With the field of study is the same way there are people who after a theory go to practice immediately to be able to memorize.

This method of study is effective depending on the subject's learning and memorization for a particular test or job. Because it is usually more memorized.

We hope that this article has been of great help, to be able to define if your learning process is multimodal or some of what it is.


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  1. Multimodal learning is interesting, as not everyone learns in the same way. We teachers must bear in mind that technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. And so we must be prepared to respond to it.

    Thank you for passing on this knowledge.

  2. without a doubt it is very interesting, but there is nothing new. beyond the emergence of new resources with their consequent processes. it is something that has been proposed for decades. but it implies political definitions of the state around education that are not taken, only more incorporation of new tools but the conditions of what Marx calls the superstructure are not changed...

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